Friday, April 10, 2009

Smoker Kids at Great Wolf Lodge

So for a while now every time the Great Wolf Lodge commercial comes on the radio I immediately turn down the volume. Is it just me or does that kid have the most annoying smoker voice ever? I admit, I have heard wonderful things about Great Wolf Lodge and I am sure it is tons of fun for kiddos of all ages, but for real….do you have to have a kid promoting it that sounds like he smokes at least 5 cartons a day? Sorry, the commercial just grosses me out and just makes me think of a little nugget with a big Kamel Red hanging out of his mouth…yuck.

OK, that is my vent today...Everyone have a good weekend and I hope the Easter bunny brings everyone lots of eggs!

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The Settlemeyers said...

Hey Nicole! Good to hear from you and congratulations!!! Being a mom is so much fun!