Friday, April 3, 2009

Brief Catch Up

To get everyone up to speed, here is a little update on how things are going, recent doctor appointments, etc. I am currently in my 10th week of pregnancy. We have had 2 appointments so far. The first one was at 7 weeks where we saw something that resembled a cornflake and that was about it. But it was the cutest cornflake I have ever seen. :) The last appointment was this past Monday and it was much more exciting. We could actually see the little head, body and arms. I have a feeling we may have a very hyper child as it was VERY active. My doctor even laughed because she had the hardest time getting a good picture because it was moving so much. I think I may have my hands full! The heart rate was 167 and the baby was measuring right on schedule. Everything looked healthy. Every appointment I get so it was a big sigh of relief. Next appointment is April 27th. This appointment we will get to hear the heartbeat. Can't wait. Then the next appt which will be the end of May we will find out boy or girl!!!! I can't wait to know so I can start planning. OK...enough stats. I know this isn't that exciting but I want to be able to remember every detail.


BabyGraham said...

I love your blog! I love that you are pregnant too! My vote is- you are having a girl! :)

Yelda said...

YOUR PREGS! Congrats!