Friday, December 18, 2009

Lots of Smiles

For a few weeks now Easton has started to become a lot more interactive. He really listens when you talk to him and smiles a lot in response. I haven't gotten a picture of his "real" smile yet, but here are some pictures of him smiling and laughing in his sleep. He will literally chuckle in his sleep. I have no idea if it is just a reflex of some sort or if he is dreaming something funny...but either way it is super cute. Here are some pics while he was napping in his swing yesterday morning.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Easton's first play date with Campbell - Crybaby Matinee

Last Thursday my friend Amber and I took our babies to the Crybaby Matinee at the Angelika theater to see the movie Precious. Amber and I met this summer at a wedding shower and became friends when we found out we were both prego and due only weeks apart. Her little boy Campbell and Easton were born only a day apart. It was fun getting out of the house and doing something "Normal" with the nugget. The movie was really good just very heavy. It was fun seeing all the moms with their babies and they even had a little changing table in the theater. Easton and Campbell both did great and slept through most of it. We had a great time and then had lunch at Mi Cocina. I can't wait for the next Crybaby Matinee!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


We went to Houston for Thanksgiving this year. Easton did great on his first road trip. He literally slept the entire way there and back. The car puts him to sleep every time...I wonder how long that will last. I know soon enough we will be hearing "Are we there yet?" over and over again. ha. We were in Houston for an entire week. Unfortunately a bug was passed around the family and Chris and his mom were sick with a cold most of the week. His dad got it the day after we left. Fortunately Easton and I managed to stay away from it and didn't get the bug. But it did give us a nice week to relax and just take it easy. Here are some pictures from the week.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Newborn photos- THANKS Rachel!!

Sorry I am soooo behind on sure gets busy with a baby! I have several posts that I need to write but I will start with this one. One of my dear friends who is a professional photographer gave me the most precious baby gift and offered to take newborn photos of Easton. She did a fabulous job!!! They turned out simply amazing and I couldn't be happier. Thanks Rachel!!!! Here are some pictures from the day...Easton was 2 1/2 weeks in these.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Prayer Request!!!! PRAY PRAY PRAY!

Sorry I have been MIA lately. We were in Houston all last week for Thanksgiving visiting Chris's family. Since we have been back I have been going non stop but hopefully after this week things will slow down and I will catch everyone up on what has been going on. In the mean time I ask you all to pray for my sweet friend Amber. She is a wonderful friend of mine from high school but more like family as our families always spends Christmas eve together and our mom's are inseparable. She is battling a major illness and is at Mayo Clinic. Please read her story on caring bridge and keep her in your prayers. For those of you who knew Kristin Day. Basically Amber has the same kind of tumor but in her spine. She is meeting today to find out when to do surgery which could potentially leave her paralyzed. They are hoping the tumor hasn't grown fingers yet. My heart is completely breaking and I am totally praying for a miracle.
Thanks for your prayers!

Amber and Me at our graduation lunch in High School

Me, Paige and Amber on Christmas Eve