Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Prayer Request!!!! PRAY PRAY PRAY!

Sorry I have been MIA lately. We were in Houston all last week for Thanksgiving visiting Chris's family. Since we have been back I have been going non stop but hopefully after this week things will slow down and I will catch everyone up on what has been going on. In the mean time I ask you all to pray for my sweet friend Amber. She is a wonderful friend of mine from high school but more like family as our families always spends Christmas eve together and our mom's are inseparable. She is battling a major illness and is at Mayo Clinic. Please read her story on caring bridge and keep her in your prayers. For those of you who knew Kristin Day. Basically Amber has the same kind of tumor but in her spine. She is meeting today to find out when to do surgery which could potentially leave her paralyzed. They are hoping the tumor hasn't grown fingers yet. My heart is completely breaking and I am totally praying for a miracle.
Thanks for your prayers!


Amber and Me at our graduation lunch in High School

Me, Paige and Amber on Christmas Eve

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