Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Birth Story

Sorry it has taken me SOOO long to post this. I am just trying to enjoy this time with Easton and have not been on the computer very much. Right now he is sleeping in his swing so I though I would try to document the story before I forget. It all started on Tuesday the 27th. I went in for my 40 week appointment at my doctors. I was 50% effaced about 3 cm dilated. We talked and she said the she really wanted me to have this baby that week. She said that the risks of post term were too high to wait. So she gave me the option of going into the hospital that night to start Cervidil to help me dialate and then she would induce me on Wednesday morning. Or I could go in Thursday and be induced on Friday. I really didn't want to risk having Easton on Halloween so I decided that I would be induced that night!

Well I had to be at the hospital by 6:00 that night so I didn't even have time to go home before hand. So I didn't have my bags or anything. I decided I wanted to go get a pedicure really fast. One last "pamper me" time before I became a mom. So I called Chris and he headed home from work to get our bags. Since he works in Fort Worth he had quite a drive and was in horrible traffic. I went to the hospital at 6:00 to check in...I kept mentioning "my husband" like... does my husband need to check in before he meets me in my room. I didn't want them to think I was some knocked up girl with out a baby daddy. Ha!

Once I got checked in I headed up to the 4th floor to start the Cervidil. They let me take a quick shower before they hooked me up to the monitors. I only had 10 minutes I didn't even have time to dry my hair. My dream of being all fixed up for labor went down the tubes. I had to face it...I was going to look like I had been hit by a truck.. no make up, my hair air dried and frizzy and glasses to boot. Definitely not what I had in mind for my first pictures with my new little man in my life. Well once I got settled in and hooked on the monitors they nurses were quite surprised that I was having major contractions. I seriously had NO idea. I just dismissed them as braxton hicks. But they were off the chart every 2 minutes. I am glad I was at the hospital because I would not have thought that was real labor. So needless to say, I didn't spend much time on 4th floor...I went ahead and moved down to labor and delivery. Then they ended up giving me something to slow down my contractions they were coming so fast and strong that it was putting a lot of stress on Easton and his heart rate kept dropping. The meds made me very nauseous and when my doctor came in to check on me, I ended up throwing up. That wasn't a very proud moment. Sometime that night I got my epidural, but it was all such a blur I have no idea what time it was. Then on Wednesday around 3:30ish I started to push. I really think my epidural had worn off by then because I could totally feel Everything. But in a way, I liked it because I could really tell how to push and 45 minutes later Easton was here! It was the best feeling in the world. I was in some major pain though, I got a 4th degree tear and that was worse than any of the labor and delivery. That night was the worst pain of the entire experience.

But by Thursday morning, my pain meds were doing there job and I was so distracted with my little E that I couldn't really care about the pain. Here are some pictures from the experience.

The clock, the time he was born and the NICU team. He had gone to the bathroom so there was meconium in the fluid. So they had the team on standby just in case he had any complications since there was a chance he could have gotten some of the meconium in his lungs. Fortunately that didn't happen and he was healthy.

My doctor and nurse

Right after he was born

Getting cleaned up in the nursery


Sally said...

awwww, so awesome. loved getting the details, this is the first i've heard of how he came into this world! hope you are loving being a new mommy!! he is precious Nicole!

Shae said...

What a blessing he is! And girl...I got a fourth degree tear so feel free to email me if you need someone to commiserate with...that is NOT FUN at all...seriously- email me anytime! I didn't have anyone to ask questions to and my first week was HELL!!!! (Stock up on Senokot!! Is that gross that I just said that?!?!? But i am not joking!)