Friday, May 29, 2009

Baby Fields is a.....


below are some pictures from our sonogram. Sorry they aren't the best quality, they are a picture of the picture.

baby fields profile

Baby Fields Waving

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend at the Farm

This past weekend we went to Chris's family farm for Memorial Day weekend. His farm is in the middle of nowhere in Columbia, LA. This was his mom's father's house when he was alive. I like going there to visit because it literally makes you feel so far from everything. Growing up in a big city, I never had the chance to experience a slower pace it is good to get away now and then and relax. But I couldn't ever live there....need my city conveniences.

So we left Friday morning and headed down to the farm. Our trip didn't get off to the best start. As you can see from the picture below someone forgot to close down a few lanes after construction and we ended up with sticky oil and tar all over our car. It took days to get it all off because every time we drove more would come off the tires and onto the paint. Fortunately this was the only headache of our trip.

As soon as we got there, Sage wanted to ride the mule...and no not the animal but this golfcart looking vehicle. She loves riding on it and gets so excited that if you just walk towards it she jumps on and wants you to take her for a ride. In the back you will notice the cottage that Chris and his dad are building. Things have been sooo busy so it has been a long project...hopefully they will finish it soon.

And only on a farm do you have neighbors that have pet donkeys. This is Mason and Star.....and soon Star will be having Mason's baby. She has been in heat and lets just say you can learn a lot about the birds and bees from these two little donkeys. As you can see, the dogs made friends with them. Grace even decided to go under the barbwire fence and play. Greg, our neighbor who owns the donkeys told us that wasn't a very good idea. Did you know that a Donkey will kill a dog in their pen? People actually get donkeys to kill Coyotes. They will stomp them to death. Something you only learn on a farm. We had to watch Grace the rest of the trip pretty closely..she wanted to play with them. Grace loves all animals!

Our dogs just LOVE the farm....they will run for hours....look how happy Sage is. They had just finished running through the woods and swimming in the pond.

Grace was tired...she just wanted her belly rubbed.

Another picture of the cottage.

Last year a tornado went through the woods and destroyed some trees. Look at what it did to the 120 year old oak tree. Looks neat but kind of sad...

Chris and I climbed up on the tree to get a better view. The dogs wanted up with us so bad. Grace actually tried to jump 7 feet up on the tree...only her front paws hit and she fell. Not too bright...but she was ok. Sage actually walked up it like a balance beam. Our dogs are fear.

On Sunday we went to the Locks and Dam on the Ouachita River. It is the big attraction of Columbia..hee hee. And of course before that we went to Johnny's Pizza. You can't go to the farm with out eating at Johnny's. Some of the best pizza ever! And I promise my gutt is all baby and not too much pizza...:) lets hope at least.

Here is Chris being his normal self after drinking too much sweet tea. Way TOO much sugar.

It was a nice relaxing trip and I hope everyone else had a good LONG weekend too!

I will try and post tomorrow or sometime this weekend to share what we find out tomorrow. Hopefully little nugget Fields will cooperate and we will find out if we will be having a mini Chris or mini Nicole. Stay tuned......

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mel and Rachel's BIG 3-0 Birthday Bash

This past weekend was Mel and Rachel’s big 30th birthday party. It was so much fun!!! We all went to the Crescent and hung out on Saturday and then went to The Palomino Restaurant that night for dinner. After dinner, Rachel and Mel opened gifts and some of the girls stayed the night. I was a party pooper and went home after the gift opening, because lets face it…it was already past my bed time. I think when you are pregnant you get on the baby’s schedule instead of your own. Although, I have been getting better lately having more 10:00 nights all the time!!!! WOOHOO! Anyway, it was a great time and I was so happy to be able to celebrate with 2 of my favorite girls and so many of my best friends. Love you all. Also it was great to see you out of towners,Natalie, Rachel, Sally. And Rachel - I am so proud of you for being such a trooper coming all the way here from Austin 38 weeks prego!

On a different note….a reminder that we will be finding out 1 week from Friday (also Mel’s true 30th bday) what the little nugget will be. So if you haven’t voted yet on what you think it will be….get to it!! I can’t wait to be able to identify more with this little person that is going to be such a big part of our life in 4 to 5 months.

Here are some pictures from the fun weekend. Love time with my girls! Again…Happy birthday Mel and Rachel. Love you both!

The Group

Me and Jaime

Me with the birthday girls, Mel and Rachel

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

I hope all my Mom friends out there had a great Mothers Day this year. Sunday we went to brunch at Blue Mesa with my parents and my brother and his wife, Amanda. I always love Blue Mesa brunch. Then afterwards we went to the taste of Addison and enjoyed the music and walked around the booths. We had a great day. Here are some pictures of the day’s festivities.

Nathan and Amanda

Mom and Dad

Chris and Nicole

The Group

Taste of Addison

Thursday, May 7, 2009


This past Saturday Chris and I went to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Gala and we had so much fun. Thanks to Jules and Jeremy for the invitation!!! It was fun spending it with so many of our closest friends. The night started out with a silent auction and then we had a yummy dinner and live auction that had some amazing items to give away including trips, a horse and the cutest Golden Retriever and Lab puppy…Chris didn’t agree with me that Sage and Grace needed another little sister. The night wrapped up with KC and the Sunshine Band. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to learn more about the foundation and see so many people give so generously for such a great cause. Chris and I have so many friends that this disease personally affects, so it was very meaningful. Thanks again to the Harmans for the fun night! We appreciate it so much and can’t wait to hear about your trip!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

My Grandma

Just wanted to write a quick entry to ask for prayers for my grandma. She has Alzheimer’s and has always been pretty mild. Just repeating herself and forgetting where she put things or what she had for dinner,etc. Within the past week it seems like it has gotten worse. I talked to her on the phone Thursday and she kept talking like my grandpa (who passed away back in 02’) was still alive. Saying things like “I was telling Bob the other day that I had not heard from you in a while and we both said that we were anxious to see you…etc.” Then on Saturday night her assisted living called my mom because my grandma was all distraught because she thought she lost her 4 month old baby. She was banging on the other residents doors asking if they had her baby…she was all upset. My parents went out there and she seemed to get her barrings straight again. My mom said it really upset her that when she realized how confused she had been…saying she needed her doctor to get her something to help her. My heart just breaks for her as I know what a horrible feeling she must have had. I am so thankful she always knows who I am when I call or go out to see her and I am afraid those days are numbered. Just asking for prayers that things don’t keep progressing quickly and although she is 90 years old, I feel like she still has several years ahead of her and I don’t want her to have to live with such a horrible disease. Sorry this is kind of a depressing post..just want prayers. Thanks!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Attack of 3 Pit Bulls

Just thought I would share this quick story. Last night Chris took Sage and Grace on a walk with our neighbor, Tim, who also has a lab. They occasionally take the dogs down to this creek that runs between our neighborhood and a golf course. This way they can let the dogs off their leash and let them run and swim. As they were walking back along the creek 3 pit bulls broke through their fence and started attacking Grace. Chris fortunately had Sage and Grace's leashes in his hand and started hitting the pit bulls with them. Luckily that made them hunker down and run back to their yard. Fortunately Grace held her own and she came away without a scratch....just very scared I am sure. That could have been really bad.

This is probably what she wanted to do when she saw them coming at her.

Here are some pictures from a time we took them to the creek after it snowed.