Friday, May 1, 2009

Attack of 3 Pit Bulls

Just thought I would share this quick story. Last night Chris took Sage and Grace on a walk with our neighbor, Tim, who also has a lab. They occasionally take the dogs down to this creek that runs between our neighborhood and a golf course. This way they can let the dogs off their leash and let them run and swim. As they were walking back along the creek 3 pit bulls broke through their fence and started attacking Grace. Chris fortunately had Sage and Grace's leashes in his hand and started hitting the pit bulls with them. Luckily that made them hunker down and run back to their yard. Fortunately Grace held her own and she came away without a scratch....just very scared I am sure. That could have been really bad.

This is probably what she wanted to do when she saw them coming at her.

Here are some pictures from a time we took them to the creek after it snowed.


Jaime said...

Poor Grace! so glad she is ok!

Yelda said...

that is really scary. you should let the police know, or animal safety or something. :(