Monday, September 20, 2010

One Crazy Summer!

I can't believe it is already September. I also can't believe how bad I have been on updating this blog. I was really hoping to do a better job of keeping up with all the latest developments on Easton. But lets just face it...I didn't plan on all the extra "stuff" in our lives. Chris and I didn't plan on moving this soon, but we both new that we would need a bigger house if we wanted anymore kiddos. So we always kept an eye on the market waiting for that deal to pop up that we couldn't refuse. Well that happened back in June. We found a house that was a great deal and we jumped on it. The catch was that we had to close in 2 weeks so the seller could get her new house. Fortunately we have a great mortgage guy that did the impossible for us and we made the deadline. We closed on our new house on June 15th. Although the house was a great deal, it also needed a lot of repairs. So this summer we have been soooo busy with repairing the new house so we could move in and trying to sell the old house. So basically, that is why I have been MIA. We are starting to see the end in sight though. We close on our old house on September 30th and will officially be living at our new house on October 2nd. I have to say though that Easton has been such a trouper through all this. I am so thankful that God blessed us with such a happy easy going little guy. He truly goes with the flow.

So now onto Easton...he is almost 11 months old now! I can't believe it! He is getting so big. He is pulling up and walking with support that I know any day now he is going to be fully mobile. We will definitely be baby proofing the new house right away. He is starting to get quite a sense of humor too. He loves going bababa BAAAAA!!!! and then starts cracking up. He loves people and does not meet a stranger. When we are out in public he yells at people to get their attention. And he usually does! He also loves baths and cries when they are over. He could splash all day. He is still a great eater and will eat pretty much whatever you give him. He sleeps great at night and naps here and there during the day but doesn't really stick to a schedule. but that works for me since this summer has not been very structured at all!

He has 6 teeth now...4 on top, 2 on bottom. He loves eating cheerios like a little chipmunk. We are starting MOPS this fall. Last week was our first week and he did great. I think he did better at this nursery than our church nursery. There seemed to be fewer kids and he probably got more one on one attention.

Well I better go...lots of packing to do but just wanted to give you all a quick update. I will post again once we get settled in our new house. Until then, I apologize to all my friends out there that I haven't been keeping up with everyone very well. I promise to make up for lost time soon!

Hope everyone had a great summer!

I am posting some recent photos as well.