Saturday, December 12, 2009

Easton's first play date with Campbell - Crybaby Matinee

Last Thursday my friend Amber and I took our babies to the Crybaby Matinee at the Angelika theater to see the movie Precious. Amber and I met this summer at a wedding shower and became friends when we found out we were both prego and due only weeks apart. Her little boy Campbell and Easton were born only a day apart. It was fun getting out of the house and doing something "Normal" with the nugget. The movie was really good just very heavy. It was fun seeing all the moms with their babies and they even had a little changing table in the theater. Easton and Campbell both did great and slept through most of it. We had a great time and then had lunch at Mi Cocina. I can't wait for the next Crybaby Matinee!!

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Melissa Darby said...

That is SO fun. Did you love the movie? Sounds like a great day!