Friday, April 3, 2009

Morning Sickness and Seizure Sage

Well this week has been the worst week so far for morning sickness… more like all day sickness. Many of you may remember me at the very beginning saying how I wanted morning sickness so I could FEEL pregnant and that it would be reassuring. Well God has taken that to heart and he has left me with no doubt that I am pregnant. This week I think he decided to take it to a new level. I even missed 2 days this week of work because I couldn’t get away from the toilet long enough to get there. That hour commute would have done me in to say the least. I have definitely had my fill now and can’t wait for the hopes I have for feeling better in the 2nd trimester…only a few weeks to go!!! I am thankful that I was home on Tuesday though. My poor baby Sage had a seizure. She had never had one before and it was VERY traumatic!!! Fortunately my mom had just come over to bring me some soup. I was pretty hysterical…as many of you know…I LOVE my dogs!!!! They are my babies. Fortunately she is ok. After calling Chris and telling him to get home and explaining what was happening, he called the vet. She said that seizures are the most common in yellow Labs and if she doesn’t have another one within 24 hours it isn’t usually anything serious. She told us to give her some honey. That perked Sage right up and she has been fine ever since. But if you have ever experienced your dog having a seizure…you can understand how scary it can be.


Melissa Darby said...

1. YAY blog to stalk-- so excited!
2. Poor Sage :( I am so glad you were home with your baby. That is so scary.
3. Glad you are REAL sick :) Love it when God exceeds our expectations.
4. Can't wait to see you Sunday!

shannon houlihan said...

Feel better Nicole! I am thinking about you, morning sickness is truly miserable but hang in there!! I am so sorry about Sage--Drew had a seizure when we lived in Albany and I was hysterical--I don't blame you! I hope Sage doesn't have any more! love,

Jaime said...

you poor thing - hope you and Sage are better!! Seizures are the worst! and welcome to the blogging world!!

Julia Harman said...

I'm so sorry that you feel bad, and about Sage! Not a fun week! Hope you feel better real soon!!!

Sally said...

love your sweet blog and am excited to follow you guys on this amazing journey of god's faithfullness and goodness!
sorry about sage tho, :( hope he is all better!!

Paige and Jon Erickson said...

Hi! I am so excited you have a blog now!!! Congrats on Baby Fields!!! Sorry about the morning fun at all :(