Wednesday, October 14, 2009

38 weeks - Still waiting

I had my 38 week appt. yesterday. Basically nothing new to report. Still the same 1 cm dilated and 25% effaced. It was a little discouraging but my Doctor reminded me that it really doesn't mean anything. That he could still come tomorrow. I guess I just like to know something is happening. I am just so ready to meet this little guy. But I guess at the same time, the longer he bakes the better off he will be. He needs to come when he is ready..I just wish he and I would get on the same page.

So has anyone out there stayed the same for weeks and then had there baby quickly after that? Any hope would help as I am just READY! ha.

Other than that, nothing else really to report. Trying to just enjoy this time with Chris. We have a busy weekend this weekend with Little P's bday party...Can't wait and a wedding to go to for one of Chris's good friends from college. Somehow getting all dressed up right now doesn't seem that fun, but I will try my best.


KMarkwell said...

Those last few weeks are the longest! Hang in there - he will be here before you know it!

Sally said...

hang in are SO CLOSE!! how exciting!! :)

The Settlemeyers said...

I hate to tell you this, but I stayed at a 1 for a long time and finally had my son at 41 weeks! But he was strong, healthy and a big boy for baking extra long!!

Shae said...

I was dilated one cm on a wednesday and was 40 weeks so the doctor scheduled induction for Monday- and I went into labor the very next day (late night Thursday) and had her Friday evening. It really does mean nothing! You could have him tomorrow! But keep him a cooking as long as you can!