Thursday, October 1, 2009

36 Week Appt and Child birth class

Yesterday Chris and I went in for the 36 week ultrasound. We got to see Easton open and close his eyes again and suck on his hand. We also saw all his hair. He seems to have a full head of hair which is no surprise since both Chris and I were born with a lot of hair. She would jiggle my belly and we could see his hair waving back and forth. So that was neat. He is head down still with his back towards my left side. His head looked completely smushed. He didn’t look very comfortable at all…so I guess that makes 2 of us. He was measuring in the 75% at an estimated size at 6lb 12oz so he is getting close to 7 lbs. Then I went to my doctor appt. for my exam. I am currently 1 cm dilated, 25% effaced and a -2 (can’t remember what it is called)….but basically it means she could feel his head but he is still pretty far up there. She said that everyone progresses differently and there is really no telling how much longer….it could be tomorrow or 4 more weeks. Our child birth class was interesting. I definitely could have done with out the video. Didn't need to see that! YIKES! And it scares me that the babies are all blue and they are ripped out of there by their heads. Very traumatic! We got to see the labor rooms and the post partum rooms. But my favorite part was going to the nursery and seeing the babies. I started getting a little emotional just thinking about next time I am here, it will be Little E in that nursery getting weighed and blood drawn, etc...Crazy! It just seems so surreal.

On another note, I had more random vomiting this morning. In our childbirth class last night I learned this is normal…a way of the body cleansing itself to prepare for labor. FUN STUFF! Oh well, it isn’t too bad. It isn’t like the morning sickness kind. It really just comes out of nowhere. I feel fine, have about 2 minutes of feeling sick…get sick…and then I am fine again.

Tomorrow I am taking off work as well as Monday to have some time to get some stuff done…ie: Pack my bag, start cleaning, etc... and also catch up on some sleep. I am also going to go get my hair done. I don't need any brown roots for photos in the hospital. We are also having a joint garage sale with my parents. Since they moved, they have a lot of stuff they want to get rid of, and we do too after we decluttered our house to make room for Easton. Hopefully we will make some good $$. Need some diaper money!
Talk to you soon.


Melissa Darby said...

Wow, what an awesome doc visit. And yay for progression! Sounds like you are getting so close. Glad you have Monday to get things pulled together. So excited for Mr. E's big day.
Love you!

Paige and Jon Erickson said...

Oh yea! I am so excited! Keep me posted :)

Jaime said...

you are so, so, so cute! love your comments!!

Dan and Heather said...

SOOOOO FUN!! Hope you are doing well! xoxo Heather