Thursday, September 24, 2009

So Thankful!

Just wanted to post really quick about last Sunday. Chris and I were heading to grab some lunch after church with my parents. We were all in the car, headed to Blue Mesa for their Sunday Brunch. We were at a red light and there were 2 brothers in the back hitting each other. One prob. about 14 or 15, the younger one prob. around 8 or 9. Anyway, at the red light the Dad turns around and starts punching the older brother for beating up on his younger brother. And I am not talking about play slapping or anything like that..this was full fists with the horrible angry look in the father's eyes. Now, I don't think it was right for the older brother to be hitting his little brother, but now I see where it came from. He was doing exactly what his father has set an example to do. That just made me so mad. Chris was fuming too. I wanted to do something...but what do you do when you are in a car, plus this guy obviously had an awful temper. It made me so so so thankful though for Chris. I am so blessed that I have a husband who is patient, kind and even tempered. I am just so thankful to God that our son will have a father that will lovingly yet firmly discipline him and lead by example. Thank you Chris for being the man you are. You are going to be a wonderful father to Easton! He is so lucky!!


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Oh my goodness! That is so sad- I would have taken down their license plate and called CPS!