Thursday, September 24, 2009

35 Weeks! Getting Closer!!!

Yesterday marked the official 35 week mark. I had my last 2 week doctor appt. and from now on I start going every week. I can’t believe how close it is getting! Next week our appointment is on Wednesday and it will be an exciting appointment. We get to do another ultrasound to see if he is still measuring big. I feel like the last couple weeks he has had a growth spurt because I can just tell how much my stomach has grown and by his movement. So we shall see. I am just ready for him to get here! I want to meet him! We also have our child birth class and we get a tour of the hospital. I am starting to make a list of things to pack for the hospital and will prob. Get that packed in the next day or so. So if anyone has some suggestions (other than the normal tooth brush, make up, shampoo, etc) that they were so glad they had…please share! I am starting to get everything washed and the nursery in order. I just want to have everything ready so I can just relax and wait. Nothing else really newsy. Just seems like lately we have been tying up lose ends. On another note, I learned a lesson last night. I think I ate some mint choc. Chip ice cream too late in the evening or something. I was sound asleep last night when all of a sudden out of a dead sleep I started vomiting. I gave Chris quite a scare as he had no idea what was wrong. It was the weirdest thing ever. There were some other funny details involved but I will save those for my friends when I see you in person. TMI for the blog in my opinion. Afterwards, I was fine and woke up fine this morning. My guess is it was just really bad acid reflux. The joys of pregnancy! Ha! At least tomorrow is Friday. Another week of work down!


Paige and Jon Erickson said...

I had the spontaneous throwing up at the end of my pregnancy, too!!! Although, never in my sleep ;) Can't believe little Easton will be here so soon!!!! Yea!

Sally said...

ahhh, you are sooo close Nicole, how exciting! and ha ha, that is a funny story! gotta love that unpredictable unexplainable stuff that happens in preganncy!! :)

Julia Harman said...

pack chocolate and candy and snacks - you'll be very hungry afterward, and you family will appreciate it while you labor too!