Friday, January 14, 2011

Easton's First Birthday

I know I am way behind on blogging, but I am going to try and catch up! So here it goes...Easton's 1st Birthday!

Easton had 2 parties for his birthday. Chris and I threw him one at our neighborhood clubhouse and my mom and dad gave him a family party at their house.

Chris and I decided to have his party on Saturday, October 30 from 2-4. We had a Halloween themed party since it was the day before Halloween. We thought the kids might enjoy having another chance to wear their costumes. I thought the party turned out really well. We had a lot of great friends come and Easton had a blast. They say that the first bday is for the parents...well I have to disagree....Easton loved every minute. He loved getting to play with all his friends. He wrestled and played with the big pumpkin balls and enjoyed all the attention. He was in heaven!

Here are some pictures from the big day....

Easton and Campbell wrestling

Easton didn't want to take the time to take pictures...he was having too much fun!

The next weekend we had Easton's family party at my parents house. We did a Curious George party. He had a blast here too...he always loves going over to my parent's house. He LOVES his Cha Cha and Pip and his Aunt Amanda and Uncle Nathan. My God Parents came too. He is very loved!

And he was done! All partied out!

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Sally said...

awww, what sweet sweet pics!! i cannot believe our babes are ONE!!! AHHH!
hope you are doing good sweet Nicole. hugs to you!! loved seeing these pics!