Thursday, July 7, 2011

Christmas 2010

I know it has been so long since I have posted. I am determined to catch up on my blog and start updating more regularly. So with that said, be prepared for more posts!

Christmas Eve 2009 started off with a visit to Chris's Grandparents house in McKinney. We went there for a late lunch and spent some time with Jean and Pop's, Aunt Melody and Uncle Bill, Uncle Kelly and Aunt Pauline and Connor, and J and Nae (Chris's mom and dad).

From there we went to Prestonwood Baptist Church for their candlelight service. Easton went to the nursery which he usually always enjoys. He loves playing with new toys and the other kids. Usually the only time he cries is when another kid is crying. I guess it scares him like something is wrong and he should cry too.

After church we went to our good friends the Horns house. We have had this tradition for many years. They are like family to us. Amber Horn and I went to highschool together and our mom's are now best of friends. This year was extra fun because Santa came to visit their house and bring all the kids a special early Christmas present. Here are some photos from the night.

Me, Easton, Amber, Haley, Shelby and Gigi

Same group but also with Natalie and Nicholas

Easton meeting Santa, he wasn't afraid at all.

The family with Santa

Easton opening his present from Santa... a fun animal puzzle that makes animal sounds

All the girls

Christmas 2010 was a great Christmas. Santa was very good to Easton. You know you have been a good boy when you get 3 wagons! My parents got him one and Chris's parents ended up getting him one for our house and one for their house. I don't think we will need to buy anymore wagons. He also got a ball pit, a power wheels 4 wheeler, a cozi coupe, another push car, a tool bench, and several other toys. This kid isn't spoiled at all!!! Here are some pictures from Christmas morning.

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