Friday, January 8, 2010

Major catch up!

I know I am totally behind on the blog, but with the holidays and being out of town, it was just hard to make time to post. Easton is now 10 weeks old...I still can't believe how fast it is going by. He is changing so much every day. He has gotten in a pretty good routine. He usually goes to bed around 9:00 to 9:30 every night. He usually fights it for a while as he is quite a night owl and is usually still very alert. But once he is down he sleeps well at night and usually wakes around 3:00 and 7ish to eat, but then goes right back to sleep. He will usually sleep until about 10:00 in the morning which makes it nice for me. I can either sleep in a little or get up and around before he wakes up for the day. He is also now sleeping in his own room in his crib. We moved him from our room on Christmas night. He was 8 weeks old at the time and the fact that we were all exhausted from the busy day, it was great timing. Thank goodness for my video monitor as I don't think I could live with out it. Lets face it, I love to be able to roll over at anytime and look to make sure he is still breathing.

He is also getting so fun! He smiles so much now and coos and really interacts with you. He loves to be talked to and will just listen and then will give you a big smile. It absolutely melts my heart. He also LOVES my hair. Yeah, he can really grab on tight and I occasionally have to really work on getting him to let go. I may be going to the ponytail look for a while. He still loves his swing and now is starting to really enjoy his bouncer.

He is really giving Chris and I so much joy. I feel so blessed and thank God everyday for this new little guy in my life. What did I do before him!!???!! I just can't get enough of him. Here are some updated pictures. I will post on our Christmas soon.

Supporting his Baylor Bears!

I thought this picture was hilarious...this was just a few days before he started sleeping in his own crib. He was just kicking and moving and I took the picture and started cracking up! Love it.

Hanging out with dad before bed time.

Easton and me


Sally said...

sweet sweet boy!! :)

Melissa Darby said...

Aww! He is SO stinkin cute. I can't believe how big he is getting. I need to get my hands on him stat.