Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tiffany and Kyle's Wedding in Houston

This past weekend Chris and I went to Houston for our friend's (Kyle and Tiffany) wedding. Chris went to high school with both of them. This weekend was really nice for Chris because it was basically like a big high school reunion for him. All of his old baseball buddies were there. We left last Thursday and got back Sunday night. The entire weekend was pretty busy. Friday Morning Chris got up early to play golf with the rest of the guys in the wedding party. Then that night we went to the rehearsal dinner at Cadillac Bar. Saturday we went to the wedding at Trinity Lutheran and then the reception at the Aquarium. It was a beautiful wedding. If I got married in Houston, I would have loved to have my reception at the Aquarium. It was absolutely beautiful and Tiffany and her parents threw a great party! Too bad my feet were killing me which took a little fun out of the dancing. But I kicked my shoes off and danced anyway. I was literally barefoot and pregnant! ha! Here are some pictures from Saturday at the reception.

When we first got there, the entire wedding party got to ride up in the Ferris wheel. Here is a picture from the top of the Ferris wheel of some of the other guests on the balcony getting some cocktails.

Here is a picture of the guys being goofy taking pictures of each other in the Ferris wheel.

I thought this was a neat picture.

Here is a picture of Chris and Me on the Ferris wheel

Here Chris and the other wedding party are getting introduced.

Chris and his mom

Chris and his Dad

Here are some pictures of Chris and Me during the night.

Overall it was a great weekend....Tiffany and Kyle seem very happy and are probably having a blast right now in Jamaica.

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