Tuesday, June 29, 2010

8 months ...I can't believe it!

The past 8 months have literally flown by! I can't believe my litte E is already 8 months old. He is getting so big. He is definitely not a little baby anymore. He is on the go and learning something new everyday. I have to say, even though I loved the little baby stage, I am having so much fun with him right now. He is crawling great now. He loves to be free and when you plop him on the ground you can see the excitement in his eyes as he looks around for things to explore.

He is also pulling up to a standing position and even reaches up and hangs from things. He has no fear which keeps me on my toes! I can't take my eyes off of him for a second. He is all boy and a little bump or face plant while crawling doesn't even phase him. He doesn't have time to be hurt. Ha! ALL BOY!

He is also loving trying all the new foods. He is becoming a good eater. He has had green beans, peas, asparagus, butternut squash, carrots, bananas, watermelon and cantelope. He loves his puffs too. He likes to pick them up and let them melt in his hands.

He has also gone to 2 gymboree classes with his friend Campbell. The funniest thing was having the teacher tell me she has never seen a kid like him...and ask me, "does he ever sit still?". Easton also loved the bubbles and parachute. Everytime we would lower the parachute, you could see Easton's head moving around underneath. All the other babies would stay laying down on their back watching it. Not Easton, he had to crawl around underneath. He makes me laugh!

So far he still lets anyone hold him. I am still waiting for the stanger anxiety phase to kick in. He loves all people and doesn't meet a stranger. We go see my grandmother at the nursing home and he gets so much attention from all the residents. He truly makes their day. It is so neat to see them all oooh and aahh over them.

I will post some updated photos soon.


Rachel and Ian Kirkland said...

I can't believe he is 8 months already!!! He sounds like such a hoot! So precious!

Graham said...

He is a cutie! Miss you!