Thursday, August 20, 2009

Anniversary Part 2

As some of you know...our anniversary didn't go exactly as we expected. I woke up with horrible cramps that lasted about an hour and really bad back pain. So I called into my doctor and she had me come in for some tests. At first she had me do the standard urine test and blood pressure. I then went into a room for her to do an exam. She said that she was going to perform a fetal fibronectin (fFN) which can determine if your body is going to go into labor. She also did an exam and found that my cervix was already softening. It wasn't dilated at all but since it was softening she sent me to the Parinatologist for an ultrasound. Everything looked ok on the ultrasound, but I still have to take it really easy and she said to call me if I have any cramping at all....even in the middle of the night she said to call the emergency number. I also have to take it easy and rest....So that is where I am. I think Little Easton must be anxious to get out of there! The ultrasound revealed his little head is really low in my cervix. So just pray he keeps in there for several more weeks. I am excited to meet him, but only when he is fully ready. So needless to say, Easton is already changing plans...but I guess we need to start getting use to it. :)

Also, thanks to all my friends yesterday that prayed and supported me. It was a tough day, but at least he is still put for now. My prayer is for him to stay there for 7 more weeks and then I will welcome his appearance!


Shae said...

Oh my goodness...prayers for you coming right up! That must have been so scary. Keep us updated and take it easy the next few weeks!

Sally said...

mel shared what happened and we were thinking and praying for ya'll! AHH! Easton is ready to come OUT!! ha ha ha!

BabyGraham said...

You are in my prayers!