Monday, July 20, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Sorry I haven't updated in a while...things have just been so busy lately. Last week I was at a sales meeting and when I got back I had a ton of work that came in that is all due in the next few weeks.

I will try to do a catch up post soon. I will definitely (at the latest) post next week after our appt. on the 29th. We get to do another ultrasound and then that night we have our childbirth class. I should have some updates then.

This pregnancy is really starting to fly by! I am almost to the 3rd trimester...I can't believe it!

Well... I hope everyone is doing well.

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Melissa Darby said...

I can't believe you are almost in your 3rd trimester! Can't wait for your shower!! Let me know if you want to hit B-RUS still. Miss you.